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MARCH: PENUMBRA: An International Exhibition Showcasing Contemporary Surrealism Albuquerque artist Archer Dougherty curated this exhibition of contemporary surreal drawings and paintings.  Dougherty had the artists explore the meaning of the word penumbra using a greyscale palette. A ‘penumbra‘ is the ghostly halo of shadow that surrounds a region of complete darkness. The images in this exhibition are refined and delicate, yet bordering on the grotesque and frightening elements of human, animal, and spiritual realms. The artwork in PENUMBRA brings together classical portraiture, chiaroscuro, and contemporary surrealism that represent the artists’ innate spiritual, emotional, and intellectual forces.
Twenty-five international artists, ranging from Europe to the United States to Indonesia, are coming together to present their ideas relating to shadows, darkness, and everything in between. Artist List:
Stefano Alcantara – US
Felideus Bubastis – Spain
Laurie Lee Brom – US
Carlos Burgos – England
Stephen Cefalo – US
Damien Chavez – US
Craww – England
Rory Coyne – US
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme – France
Brian Despain – Guam
Archer Dougherty – US
Jel Ena – US
Aaron Jasinski – US
Aunia Kahn – USChristopher de Leon – US
Travis Lewis – US
Tom Mead – England
Jim McKenzie – US
Scott Musgrove – US
Angel Perez – US
Jason Snyder – US
Dika Toolkit – Indonesia
Olivier Villoingt – France
Leonardo Villasenor – US
Jessica Ward – US
John Wentz – US 

Exhibition dates: March 7 – 29, 2014
First Friday Reception: March 7, 2014 from 5 to 8PM
Video of exhibition by kamiomedia
Damian Chavez, “Voluptuaries” 12.5x12.5”, graphite on paper

Damian Chavez, “Voluptuaries” 12.5×12.5”, graphite on paper

Angel Perez, “Jester”, 9x12”, graphite on paper

Angel Perez, “Jester”, 9×12”, graphite on paper

Rory Coyne, “Cake Eater”,12x12”, graphite on maple

Rory Coyne, “Cake Eater”,12×12”, graphite on maple

APRIL: Skin Deep – Abstract Paintings by Jessica Kennedy and Alexander Eulert We are very excited to introduce two new artists, abstract painters Jessica Kennedy and Alexander Eulert. Both of them have developed unique ways of creating intensely layered and vibrantly colored paintings. Jessica Kennedy developed a technique where she partially masks and over-paints each of the many layers in her very organic paintings. Growth is the central theme in her work. It is an enigmatic, rich concept because it can be beautiful and positive as well as destructive and grotesque Her pieces are an elegant fusion of animals, the human body, and plant life. Eulert’s pieces are strikingly geometric, but just as in Kennedy’s pieces it seems to be possible to look deep into the painting. Delicate and dynamic string lines of paint buzz and trickle around often-bold bands of color, evoking rhythmical compositions, emotional states and natural phenomena. The cubical forms are suggestive of monoliths, pueblos, golden-­‐green fields, unearthed inlaid armor from a Homeric poem—or, at times, technology and urban constructs.
These are two artists who are dedicated to their craft; they manage to combine inventive techniques with intelligence and mindfulness.
Exhibition dates: April 4 – 26, 2014
First Friday Reception: April 4, 2014 from 5 to 8PM


- Matrix Fine Art Gallery in Albuquerque New Mexico carries Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy
24 x 24″
Acrylic and Oil on Board

Alexander Eulert Streams # 10 mixed media and metal leaf on board  36 x 24”

Alexander Eulert
Streams # 10
mixed media and metal leaf on board
36 x 24”

MAY: Friday 2 | 5 – 8pmYear of the Horse – Equine Art by Women Artists (Nance McManus, Susan Leyland, Cynthia Rigden, Lynne Pomeranz and Suzanne Betz)

In this show, Matrix Fine Art brings together some of the premier women artist working with the subject of horses. Each of these contemporary non-western artist has perfected equine art in their medium of choice – there will be drawings by Suzanne Betz, Susan Leyland, and Nance McManus, paintings by Cynthia Rigden and photography by Lynne Pomeranz. Subjects range from wild horses to horse portraits and horse love. Show runs through May 31.

Lynne Pomeranz, Sungazer, 27 x 28,” archival pigment print

Lynne Pomeranz, Sungazer, 27 x 28,” archival pigment print

Suzanne Betz, Serenity, mixed media on mylar, 36” x 25”

Suzanne Betz, Serenity, mixed media on mylar, 36” x 25”



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